Bend It Like Beckham

What  was the Issue that caused the conflict in Jess’ family about her sister’s wedding?

When pinky’s fiances parents saw jess and jules hugging they thought that Jess was kissing a white English boy

What expectations does it involve?

That Jess is going to marry an Indian Boy

What ARE the expectations that prevent Jess and Joe dating each other?

That Joe is Irish and Jess’s parents are stricked and that they want her to marry and indian boy not an English Boy.

Captain Hardcastle

1. What do you dislike the most about Captain Hardcastle?

-He is mean,grumpy and he always lies to students and gets them into trouble for no reason

2. What was Prep?

-Every weekday evening,the whole school would sit for one hour in the Main Hall, between 6-7 o’clock, to do prep

3. Why did Roald speak to Dobson in Prep?

-Because his nib broke

4. What was a Stripe? What did it mean?

If students showed poor behavior or didn’t do their work in clas, they were given a stripe

5. If you were Roald and your nib broke in Prep what would you have done

If I was Roald Dahl I would maybe do the same thing ,ask my friend for another nib or just borrow it and get a new one later