Captain Hardcastle

1. What do you dislike the most about Captain Hardcastle?

-He is mean,grumpy and he always lies to students and gets them into trouble for no reason

2. What was Prep?

-Every weekday evening,the whole school would sit for one hour in the Main Hall, between 6-7 o’clock, to do prep

3. Why did Roald speak to Dobson in Prep?

-Because his nib broke

4. What was a Stripe? What did it mean?

If students showed poor behavior or didn’t do their work in clas, they were given a stripe

5. If you were Roald and your nib broke in Prep what would you have done

If I was Roald Dahl I would maybe do the same thing ,ask my friend for another nib or just borrow it and get a new one later

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