Dear Mr Dahl (Lost In The Zoo)

Dear Mr Dahl,

I recently read a ‘A Drive In A  Motor Car’ in your book ‘Boy’ I found it interesting, I would like to share with you a time in my life that was frightening . It all happened when I was 3 we went far away to have a barbeque with my family and my cousin and we loved animals so much we went to a place like a zoo but it was a small place and we could touch them and aslo feed them.

 They all started to do the barbeque to eat and while they were all eating, me and my cousin (1 year older than me) went to look at the animals I found the kangaroos so interesting that the fence wasn’t that big and the gate was open and I went in because I wanted to touch them so much also because it was my worst  animal.

 I went to touch them but they were eating food and my mum started to wonder where are the kids they went and started looking for us and my cousin disappeared I didn’t even know where he was and I went and started touching it but then I fell on the floor because I got scared but the baby joey was soo cute and I started crying sooo loud because I got scared it will eat me. My mum knew where I was because the first thing she asked in the car was what is your favourite animal and your worst I replyed “Kangaroo! is my worst”  So she went to where I was and found me and said to the zoo guy “my daughter is in there” and they took me and went home and my mum said “ I am  never taking you to the zoo again” and I just cryed in the car back home.

Thank you for reading my letter about something frightening that happend in my life, Sincerely Yasemin

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